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Real Estate Investments
Pacifica Enterprises (PEI) is a privately held and operated full-service real estate investment company based in Rancho Santa Fe, California. PEI focuses on the acquisition and the repositioning of multi-family and commercial assets in the southwestern US region. PEI is committed to providing superior individual service to its investors and clients through exceptional work, honesty, and ethical business practice.
An entrepreneurial , family - owned real - estate investment company managing a diversified portfolio of opportunistic investments designed to meet the need for current income.
Real Estate Services
Pacifica Real Estate Services offers institutional-level execution in the fields of property management, construction management, and brokerage services throughout the southwestern US markets.
Real Estate Fund I
A $250 million private equity fund focusing on the acquisition, lending, and repositioning of distressed residential real estate projects in the Western US region (CA, AZ, NV, OR, and WA).